(Josianne) Kei Vinuya

Manila-born, West Coast-bred copywriter + content creator now living and learning in Brooklyn, NY.
To me, ice cream is always a good idea. So is running. And shopping when you're not supposed to.
I love love so much, I hand wrote love notes for 67 days…so far. Peep #keis100daysoflove on IG.
If you saw some weirdo dancing in the Trader Joe's aisle, it was probably me. No, really.

things I dig:

iOS > windows
museum dates by myself
the fresh prince
embellished anything + primeknit boosts
conversations in italian
bold jackets
old school everything
empowering or other-world books
chatting with elders
well-crafted ice cream
urban / sustainable interior design
flw, o'keeffe, murakami, dr. seuss
do-good hustlers aka entrepreneurs
the universe

Blunt bangs no longer included.  Photo by  Christine Chen

Blunt bangs no longer included. Photo by Christine Chen